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The presence of God accessed through prayer is all we have as a Church! Jesus + Nothing = Everything! PRAYER WITHOUT CEASING!! There is no condemnation because of Jesus & we now have access to the presence of God! We are going to higher dimensions in the Spirit in prayer in the Spirit. These are dimensions that unlock Mega Miracles, the realm of Supernatural Power Evangelism, release of wealth transfer and great open heaven supplies. This journey in the Spirit is not without warfare & without conflict, BUT KNOW THIS: It is a conflict and warfare that 'IS ON GOD'S TERMS'. This is because you are being refined. As you start out on the 'Walk of the Spirit' you have encounters and moments of freedom, but then you hit plateaus, places of resistance, BUT in the synergy of corporate prayer, there is a power to push and break through. This is a race of endurance and patience (Heb 12:1-2) so keep your eyes on Jesus and you are going to make it!

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