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Fresh Oil for the New Season

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

God is releasing fresh anointing oil to empower and equip us for the new season of Greater Works! We have left the previous season and entered a new season where we need a new anointing.

And through an on-going and at times painful and stretching process, God has been forming and shaping a brand new wineskin. And now there is a call to completely shed the old to embrace the new because the old simply won't hold up any more and must be discarded and left in the past however good and right it was then, it's not for now. God's got something new and much greater! And He will fulfill His promise that 'the glory of His latter house will be greater than the former'. I feel Him applying that directly as a rhema word for every true House of God, every Church that stands through the testings and determines to maintain it's altar and not compromise it's witness in these days.

But if we close the doors, Jesus removes the lampstand. If we cease to pray we will become deceived and quickly blinded by a spirit of unbelief. The Bible speaks of this as 'the Great Falling Away'. Instead of being led by the Holy Spirit we will be moved by the spirit of the Age (the god of this world) – under the pretext of 'moving with the times' and 'being relevant'. We will start 'virtue signalling' our 'wokeness' to the world. But you know what that signals to heaven: spiritual slumber! The onset of spiritual death. Not only that, if we succumb to compromise, we will allow the message to be altered and corrupted and begin to preach a man-centric, 'find the real you', false gospel message. We will lose the heart of God out of fear of losing people, fear of becoming irrelevant.

If we are moved by man, and stop seeking after God; we will no longer see from a heavenly perspective, but be overtaken by an earthly one. We will lose sight of our calling to be the 'Ecclesia' and instead of governing and praying for His Kingdom here on earth we will be an empty shell, a mockery, a pathetic puppet and a mouthpiece of the advancing anti-christ system that is so easily infiltrating and heavily influencing many churches, getting them to chant its mantras, dance to it's tune and preach it's agenda in place of the true Gospel.

Without prayer, there's no burning lamp in the House of God, the lampstand is removed by Jesus, He no longer comes. It's dry and dead. God is not there. It's an adulterous whore. It's 'Icabod'.

Wake up! We must be alive, awake and alert to be the Church of the Greater Glory, the Bride who is pure and spotless. Jesus is coming for a spotless Bride and only the remnant who stay true to Him will be going with Him in the rapture. The compromised will be left behind and have to face the Great Tribulation.


For God's faithful remnant Revival 2.0 is here! God is sending revival for the last time, for the end times. One last great revival. One last massive harvest. But we must MAKE THE TRANSITON.

Those who are God's faithful remnant are going from the former to the latter; from the old wine to the new wine. Not everyone wants to transition, not everyone wants to let go of the old. But the old season is over! So come with Him into the new!

God began speaking to me from scriptures with the number 2! One of the most significant was Mark 2:22: 'No one puts new wine in old wineskins or the skins will burst and the wine will be lost but new wine must be put in new wine skins'.

I believe with all of my heart that the day of signs & wonders and miracles is not over, in fact we're in the time and season of the greater works of Jesus!

The Holy Spirit is anointing us and empowering us for a new level of power in the anointing. He is moving afresh. Times of refreshing follow repentance and humbling ourselves. We have got low enough before God to listen and allow Him to convict us and not only change but transform us! God is in the business of not just change but transformation!

Shaking and Process 'to Expand'

I heard the Lord say: His purpose of removing and pruning back is expansion and increase! John 15: 'that you may bear MORE FRUIT!' God's Kingdom is EVER expanding, there is no end to it's increase! If you don't have it already – God is going to give you an expansion mindset! Yet that seems opposite to the current climate in the church right now where many are shrinking back, hiding, compromising, treading carefully.....But rejoice because God is saying to us, God is saying to you who have ears to hear Him: 'EXPANSION!' Now is your 'BREAK OUT' time. Break out to the left and right! We're bursting out of that old wineskin. It is too small! God is saying now is the time you will increase and expand not shrink back. This is Breakout time and when God's Kingdom breaks out it breaks out big because God doesn't do small! Nothing in His Kingdom that has His life in it can stay small and hidden! God is bringing you out into a LARGE place! Coming out of containment & limitation. We're coming out BIG! We're coming out as LARGE AS LIFE!

Either Pruned or Removed

We've been through a time when branches in the Body of Christ are either pruned or removed. If you've not been removed, if you're still standing – you are pat of the remnant - you have been pruned and that's painful but that's a good thing! Cos you're about to burst into bloom! What's in you is about to come out and multiply! God's Kingdom DNA, living seed inside of you is going to bear abundant kingdom fruit out of this pruning!

In 'Expansion Mode'

We need to get into 'Expansion mode'! I've decided! I'm getting into expansion mode! Whoever told you to shrink back and be in contraction, to be in retreat – was not the voice of God! What voice have you been listening to? The voice of defeat or the trumpet of God calling you back up to the battle front! It's time to get back up on your feet! Get back in the fight because the battle's won and we have to take the victory! So stand in the middle of the battle field and start singing and shouting His high praises!

God is releasing you! God is empowering you, David said: 'I WILL be anointed with fresh oil!' If you got knocked down here's the power to get back up, to rise stronger than before. An anointing of power is coming upon your life! Cowards don't enter the kingdom of God but we're about to take it by force. The passive don't take it by force but the violent!

After His dealings, after His prunings, God is saying 'Advance!' God is saying 'Increase!' God is saying 'Expand!' God is speaking growth and multiplication! He is singing blessing over us! His favour is released to us. There's nothing holding back the blessings! It's time for abundant increase. That is the Kingdom mode! It's time to tell yourself: 'I'm in Kingdom mode! I'm in expansion mode!'

The place where you've been is too small for you! The place where you've been in your thinking – it's too small, you're gonna suddenly realise, it's too small! The place where you've been at in ministry – 'it's too small', the place where you got to in your career, in your finances, in your calling, in your serving, in your worship, in your giving – it's too small! It's not enough now! There's another level He wants to take you to. Don't settle, God is about to unsettle you and shake you out of your comfort zone, off of that nice little plateau you've been sitting on for a while now. Cos the danger, if He doesn't shift you and move you now – is stagnation. So SHIFT!

The place you've got used to and limited yourself to – it's too small for you now! It's too small for what God is putting inside of you and sooner or later that has got to burst out – am I speaking to anybody? cos I know I'm speaking to me! There's a fire in my bones. When God puts fire in you, you cannot contain it! There's a holy discomfort until it's released!

No more Limiting God!

Now is the time to get down on our knees and repent of our unbelief, our natural thinking, of aligning with the world's thinking, of believing what the world is saying, of coming under restrictions (I'm not talking about just in the natural realm but more importantly those invisible spiritual restrictions that have come against us and crept upon us incrementally to choke us and shut us down). We must repent of unbelieving mindsets and break out of that straight jacket, and repent of limiting God! Check yourself! Repent of superimposing a natural restricted human, reasoning mindset on God because it blocks Him from doing what He wants to do! Take the limits off God! He is the God of the impossible! Repent of unbelief and defy the spirit of unbelief coming like a blanket on the unbelieving / small thinking church and rise up out of that in faith!!!

The devil has been rather successful at sowing accusation against God in the hearts of God's people. We've unwittingly fallen into a mindset of questioning God's goodness and been sorely tempted to drop our faith in His faithfulness and fall into a ditch of unbelief! All because we haven't seen it yet! Frustration and weariness have got the better of us more than a little. We've somehow slipped into thoughts of: 'Where is the promise of God?', 'It's never gonna happen' 'It's taking too long'..And without realising it we start accusing God. Like the Israelites did in the wilderness – they vented their frustration and directed their complaints at Moses but God took that personally. It's an evil unbelieving mindset that besets the Church because of weariness and what seems a long time in the wilderness.

God is not slack in keeping His promises!

If we will just begin to give Him thanks and praise and speak to our soul and say: 'Bless the Lord, o my soul and FORGET NOT all His benefits' and remind ourselves of His goodness, conviction will come upon us to throw all that junk off and say: 'No devil! My God is a good God!'

Begin to challenge yourself out of every unbelieving mindset you've entertained. Faith please God, so when you stir your faith again you will begin to feel a fresh wave of His presence, His love, His approval, His favour, His smile over you again!

As we repent of unbelief, something will start stirring in us to stand and sing: 'Your promise still stands! Great is your faithfulness, your faithfulness! I'm still in your hands, this is my confidence, you've never failed me yet!'

He is 'the Father of lights who gives every good and perfect gift and in whom is NO SHADOW OF TURNING'! I found myself crying out to Him: 'Father there's no shadow of turning in You but in me there has been! You are completely consistent and faithful to your Word, but I am inconsistent in believing it!' If we will repent He will restore!

Our response to shaking, to trials and the testing of our faith must now be: 'O come let us return unto the Lord, for He has wounded us but he will heal us and come to us like Spring rain! He will revive us and we will live in His sight!' (Hosea 6). I tell you, refreshing rain is coming as we repent and turn back and believe and seek Him again. He is ready now, I feel, to pour out times of great refreshing upon His thirsty people, to give them new joy again, to give them a never-before-seen harvest! GOD IS SO SO GOOD!!!!

So when we look back over this past year, we see that out of shakings and process the result has been a coming forth of the new inwardly and outwardly. This has been the refining purposes of God: to begin the bring forth a Remnant Bride, walking by His side, who reflects and radiates His character; purer and brighter than before. Lighting up the darkness round her! Brighter than she's ever been. We're His Body, we're His Bride. The Holy Spirit's presence upon her is making this her most golden hour! We are to be like Him in both character and in power! ('Who is this coming up out of the wilderness LEANING – dependent – on Her Beloved' - Song of Songs).

God has, this past year, drawn us into intimacy and dependency on Him by calling us to the secret place of prayer, to seek His face, to know Him, to hear Him, to draw from Him like never before.

And it's absolutely priceless! He is the Well of Living Water that NEVER runs dry! He refreshes us again and again with His presence. It never gets old, it never gets boring! It's always new. The more we see Him, the more enraptured by His beauty we become.

The song 'Jeshua' has become like a genuine heart cry for many of us. To confidently declare with all our heart the extravagant statement that: 'My Beloved is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL among 1000s and 1000s!' For the Bride, Jesus stands out above every other person or thing as the ONE she loves above all else, the ONE she adore with every ounce of her being, the one she gazes upon, transfixed, with those unblinking, 'doves eyes' only for Him!

By His grace He's brought us to this place of loving Him so much more than before, of letting go of every side thing, every additional thing, saying no to every DISTRACTION to focus on the ONE THING. This past year we've felt Him strip those things away so all we want, all we have is Him and He is more than enough!

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