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A life Dependent on the Holy Spirit.

Updated: Jan 7

At the end of this blog is a link to watch the message 'A Life Dependent on the Holy Spirit' preached in one of our live 'in person' services.

A few years ago I sat in my doctors office, having gone for a routine check up and he turned to me and said "according to your medical records you are a very sick man".

This led to me sharing with him about how I am filled with the same Holy Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead, and for that reason, my actual present body is sustained by 'Resurrection Life'.

Then I was able to present to Him the gospel of God sending His Son into the world to die our death on the cross and His resurrecting from the dead, never to die again.

The Holy Spirit is ready to pour out upon our lives, to fill us up to overflowing, He is ready to pour out upon you and fill you up!

After many years of being seriously unwell with Crohn's disease and severe rheumatism, I began to earnestly seek answers from God's word on the subject of healing, power, miracles. On this journey, I was led into a deeper and more real baptism/immersion in the Holy Spirit – into His presence and person.

When I received the fullness of the Holy Spirit all of the 'word in me' came alive, seeds of healing, power & resurrection life came forth and I was made well. From that day I began to learn to live dependent on the Holy Spirit with His life and power becoming 'the life of my body'. The more I know Him 'being my life', I hunger to be a vessel of honour to carry the presence and supernatural power of God seeing miracles and healings increasing more and more. https://www.kingofkingschurch.co.uk/testimonies

I am not against medicine, doctors or health care. So much of what is taught as being faith in the Church at large is merely in the realm of 'mental positivity'. On the one hand it seems good, but on the other hand, it puts you in tension. Because you 'know where you should be' but you are faced with the experience of where 'you are not' and no amount of 'mental gymnastics' can change that...only a supernatural encounter with the I AM can and will make the change for you!

People can confess 'By His stripes, I am healed a million times a day, but until they encounter Him as the healer, nothing is going to change. The word will just remain a dormant seed within.

Until you get properly filled to overflowing and just come into a relationship with the Holy Spirit, nothing much of truth or reality will come forth in your life and you will just live frustrated, going round in circles. It will be mental theory as opposed to supernatural reality.

So I invite you to begin a journey of dependency on the Holy Spirit, dependence for every area of your life, from out of a relationship with Him.

However, when he, the spirit of truth, has come, he will guide you into all truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak; and he will tell you things to come. 14 he will glorify me, for he will take of what is mine and declare it to you. John 16:13-14 NKJV

We read the above passage about the Holy Spirit and we wrongly think he is relegated to being a background, silent figure we know is there, but do not experience and who we should not overly emphasise. After all, is it not the case that the Holy Spirit does not say anything of Himself or point to Himself?

But Jesus spoke about himself in the same way!

For I have not spoken on My own authority; but the Father who sent me gave me a command, what I should say and what I should speak. John 12:49 NKJV

During his life on earth, Jesus spoke more of the Father than of himself, BUT He was not relegated to a silent background figure. Those who followed Him knew He had the words of eternal life and saw He was anointed by the Mighty Spirit of God for miracles signs and wonders! Because He spoke the words of God, He had the Spirit without measure (John 3:34).

Just as we would give Jesus your 100% focus and attention, if He were here in the flesh, so we should give the Holy Spirit our 100% focus and attention.

Truth and Reality

He is the Spirit of truth and will lead us into all truth (John 16:13) and the word truth in Hebrew and Greek means 'reality', not just 'facts'. Real facts have reality!

As you get to know the Holy Spirit He is going to bring you into the truth and the reality of knowing the Father, because the Holy Spirit is the 'Spirit of adoption' (Romans 8:15).

You are going to 'know that you know' the Father in intimacy and reverence. The Holy Spirit as the Spirit of adoption will birth identity within you! Is not lack of identity, the root of the fragmented personality that pervades our broken age?

As you give your focus and attention to the Holy Spirit He is going to reveal Himself as the Spirit of Sonship. Your heart will be lifted up to know, love, worship and appreciate Jesus the Son of God. The Son is one who went to the lowest to bring you up to the highest, the one who was cut off and bore your rejection so you can forever thrill in the knowledge of being a son or daughter of the Father.

The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus, just as the Son gave testimony of the Father. Significantly, this means that when the holy spirit comes upon someone’s life, Jesus is revealed to that person, and in that person – Christ in you the Hope of Glory!

Let us not be like the Pharisees of old who searched the scriptures but would not come to Jesus, encounter Him and have eternal life (John 5:39). Let us see that we need the Word AND the Spirit! Our studying the Word must be within the context of a life that hungers after encountering the Holy Spirit!

Every man and woman in scripture and throughout history who has impacted this world had an encounter with God the Father, God the Son in the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit!

He is waiting for you to encounter Him this very day!

Encounters are connected to hunger and thirst – do you see your need of actually KNOWING HIM, not just knowing about Him.

Did you once KNOW Him, but you have somehow become dry?

Did you once encounter and KNOW Him when you were in a needy and broken state, but now your 'life is together' you somehow no longer need Him?

Have you slipped into self sufficiency and pride?

Have any of you reading this ever experienced what it is to ostracized, ignored and left out, when previously you were welcomed as a friend, or when you were once needed, but now no more? How did it feel?

This is not written to induce guilt or fear, but the truth is, the Holy Spirit is used to being ostracized by His people, left out of the Church.

As He is quenched (squeezed out) then so He is grieved, because we return to the default state self-sufficiency and the manifestations of the flesh life.

Let us return to Him, return to honour, love and reverence the Holy Spirit in our lives.

May the Father and the Risen Son look at us and trust us with the precious Holy Spirit.

I invite you to read these prayers and make them your own:

If you are not born again and saved pray the following

“Father God thank you that you gave your Son the Lord Jesus Christ to die my death, for my Sin on the Cross. Lord Jesus this day I confess you as my Lord and I believe that God the Father raised you from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. Father God I ask you this day to pour the Holy Spirit into my heart so that I KNOW I am yours and I am saved from the judgement to come”.

If you are backslidden pray the following.

“Father God thank you that you gave your Son the Lord Jesus Christ to rescue the prodigals and I am a wandering son or daughter who has become lost. Save me and forgive me Lord from falling away completley and bring me back to yourself. Please forgive and cleanse me, fill me with your Holy Spirit and work in me a deeper work in my character and heart to bring forth fruit that will remain”.


“Holy Spirit I need to REALLY KNOW YOU, please fill me now, take ALL Of Me. Fill me with your fresh oil, sanctify and cleanse me deep with me, that I may be less of me and more of you. May my life be lived in honour, reverence and dependence on you from this day forward. Teach me to know you Holy Spirit as my closest every friend. Amen”

If you live in, or near Yorkshire and you need a Church that is full of the presence of God, come along and visit us https://www.kingofkingschurch.co.uk/visit-us


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